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The signing ceremony of Datong Mutual Benefit Group with Italian IMF Group and Emford Green Intelligent High-end Valve Production Line Project was successful

Release time:2019-04-22

The project of "Green Intelligent High-end Valve Production Line" constructed by Datong Mutual Benefit Group Co., Ltd. and Italy IMF Group Co., Ltd., the world's top supplier of foundry equipment, was officially launched in Changtai County, Zhangzhou City, Fujian Province today (May 29). The project uses inorganic binder technology and the most advanced automated production line to manufacture high-end valves, and has produced all the valves. Cheng does not produce VOCs organic gases, which can eliminate harmful sources of pollution to human body from the source and meet the national green environmental protection standards. The project is the first "green intelligent" casting production line with the most complete technology in China. It is scheduled to be put into operation in June 2019. After completion, it will produce 50,000 tons of high-end valve castings annually, with an annual output value of 1 billion yuan.

Representatives of both parties signing the contract

Zhang Libo, President of China Foundry Association

Song Yinli, Deputy Secretary-General of China General Machinery Industry Association

Xia Jing, Chairman of Tianxi Network Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd.

Zhu Bin, President of Emford (Wuxi) Intelligent Control Technology Co., Ltd.

Cai Tianzhi, Chairman of Datong Mutual Benefit Group

With the development of intelligent manufacturing as a breakthrough point, since its establishment, Datong Mutual Benefit Group has been aiming at building 2025 smart factory in China, which integrates products, information, data, Internet of Things and artificial intelligence. In 2016, the company fully invested in the construction of intelligent manufacturing production line and was listed as the demonstration enterprise of Intelligent Manufacturing in Fujian Province; in 2017, it built the largest automatic valve intelligent manufacturing workshop in China; in January 2018, the first "Intelligent Manufacturing Technology Center of Petrochemical High-end Valve Production Base" was established in the group; now it is striving to become a national demonstration enterprise of intelligent manufacturing. Industry.

Datong Mutual Benefit Group and Italian IMF Group's Green Intelligent High-end Valve Production Line Project Signing Ceremony Successfully.

Today, the first domestic project of "Green Intelligent High-end Valve Production Line" will further consolidate the group's status as a supplier of the national energy intellectualization transformation and intellectualization construction scheme, and Datong Mutual Benefit Group will also take a step towards making 2025 smart factories in China.