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Chief Engineer of Datong Reciprocity Group Co., Ltd., Massimo receives the Chinese Government Friendship Award in Beijing

Release time:2019-11-11

“It is a great honor to be presented this award! This is a rare personal honor in my life! I immediately shared this exciting moment with my family. Thanks for their company all the way. I like China. I like my work and life in Datong. ” In the afternoon of Sept. 30, the recipient of Chinese Government Friendship Award in 2019, Chief Engineer of Datong Reciprocity Group Co., Ltd. from Italy, Massimo expressed his inner excitement through the translator. Premier Li Keqiang met him and the other recipients at Beijing Great Hall.

Massimo Zappettini is from Italy. He is PhD in Mechanical Engineering of Polytechnic University of Milan, member of European Valve Standards Committee, one of Fujian province Hundred Talents Program, recipient of Fujian Friendship Award, Fujian introducing high-level talent. He works in Datong Reciprocity Group Co., Ltd. as Chief Engineer. As top technical talent in the international high-level valves field, he has a lot of experience in the design, installation condition, material selection, inspection and testing of different kinds of high-level valves. 

Đổi lon câu lạc bộ để nhận phần thưởng Massimo was employed to work in Datong Reciprocity Group Co., Ltd. in Zhangzhou in August 2015. The domestic high-level valves market was monopolized by foreign developed countries. With the core goal of high-level valve development and manufacturing, he leads his technical team to achieve the product development of -196℃ cryogenic valve, more than 1000 meters subsea valve, high acid medium safety valve etc. Focus on solving the technical bottleneck encountered in the project product research and development, test and production process, help Chinese enterprises to break the foreign countries’ monopoly in the field of high-level valves, and realize the localization of some high-level valves.

Provided by Marketing Dept. of Datong Reciprocity Group